Training Progress:

RideLondon is fast approaching, on the 29th July I’ll be riding 100 miles through closed roads in our capital, to Surrey and back via Box Hill which a notorious hill in the area. With an elevation of over 4000 feet, it’s not going to be an easy day, but it’s a challenge I wanted to set myself, I’m excited for it and feeling like my preparation is going well. Last week I pushed myself, Sunday morning came by and got on my bike, a route in mind that while didn’t reach the 100 mile distance, gave a similar elevation, I knew it would be a good indication of how I could expect to perform in London, I actually found myself a little nervous about it. As the rain stopped, my ride began, Cheddar Gorge firmly in my sights… twice! I felt good, my legs felt strong and the weather made for lovely ride. I was slow though, slower than I had hoped and not on track for my target time of under 6 hours, which I’m starting to realise is ambitious, so anything under 7 will do me proud.

This weekend will be a similar distance and with a 6 hour static cycle planned for the weekend after, I can honestly say that I’m happy with how I’m progressing.

Wish me luck.

Bike against 'gate'

My first bike selfie


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