Today was a good day:

While my alarm going off at 5:20 isn’t the best start I could hope for, work is unavoidable, the long commute is part of my daily life now. The sky was light as I left the house at 6, wearing jeans and a t-shirt I still felt warm, a good sign for today’s weather. Work meandered through the morning, ticking off my to-do list, tea and conversations with colleagues. A walk into town to sort some personal admin was accompanied by my Spotify playlist of the day with the sun bright and warming. After lunch, much of the same, wading through the actions, supporting and directing then a walk to the Physio. As am I, he’s very pleased with my progress, I’m running, I’m running consistently and I’m running without pain. The smile as I told the story of the previous weeks was impossible to hide and with a few more exercises and words of encouragement, I was on my way home. Wednesday evening, my allocated run day, I got in, changed my shoes and left the house again, still run/walking but now at an even 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off. The night sky gave an amazing sunset across the water, with the silhouette of our pier standing proud, my only break tonight was to take in the view and save it forever with my iPhone. The run felt amazing, the cadence more natural and my fitness improved. Not disillusioned enough to call myself a runner or ‘fit’ and certainly not yet at a healthy weight, but the light at the tunnel’s end that little bit closer this evening.

Signing off now with a smile on my face, ready for sleep. Tomorrow, another day on my Fitter Adventures.


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