Updated: Jun 18, 2018

A breakthrough, a way to raise some money for charity from the public and not just shaking a sponsorship form at friends, family and reluctant colleagues. After numerous emails and a few visits, I have secured a spin bike from Body Management, my local gym and some space in my local Sainsbury’s supermarket. As of next weekend, I’ll be sat on a bike surrounded by some promotional material and a collection bucket or two asking people to give money to Bike 4 Cancer. I plan to cycle for about 6 hours, using the long distance as an incentive for people to give money and if that fails, my wonderfully supportive girlfriend will be with me making balloon animals for the kids (and adults, we won’t discriminate). All that’s left is to promote myself on local social media site to hopefully draw a crowd and then actually get on the bike. That Copy Shop, a print shop I am using are currently designing a poster that we can use during the event and they are printing vinyl stickers on collection buckets. I’m feeling hugely positive about it and hope that I can raise a decent sum of money for Bike 4 Cancer.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to shake my collection tin at whoever walks by my desk at work, the Operations Directors are yet to put their hand in their pockets so my job is not yet done and I think I’ll increase my family mailshot to twice a day until I’m happy that they have all donated. I might lose my job and my family, but I remain hopeful.


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