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EU distibution by: PEDAL BUDDIES

Product Information:

Crotch Guard was developed for cyclists to maintain healthy skin conditions which plays a vital role in keeping an athlete in the saddle. Upon application, the silky oil absorbs into the skin for a clean and natural approach to the saddle. Once absorbed, the silky oil reduced friction and resulting chafing irritations, providing an effective defence barrier against redness, rash and potential saddle sore infections.

TL:DR - Verdict

A fair attempt at solving a problem that doesn't really exist. The spray application isn't ideal but the product feels comfortable when on your skin.

6 out of 10


Feels clean against the skin

Long lasting protection


Struggle in application from spray bottle

More expensive than expected

Full review:

Great customer service from Crotch Guard who willingly sent me a number of sample bottles and their best selling 29.5ml bottle. On arrival, it's clear that the branding is being pushed hard with an information leaflet and wrist band per sample. While the styling of the brand doesn't appeal to me personally I'm aware this is a personal choice and takes nothing away from the product itself.

As soon as the box arrived, I took one of the sample bottles and sprayed a reasonable amount on my arm and was happy with the coverage the spray bottle gave. Excited for the full trial as I'm not keen on using cream with all the double dipping and intimate personal encounters that are required to get a good coverage. The appeal of this product was in fact the spray applicator.

A few hours later it was clear that the product was still working, with a slight greasy feel on my arm still apparent, exactly what's needed during a ride. The oil does the job and it does it well.

It was time to test this in the proper area, so just before my ride, I excused myself to a private area of the house and begun spraying liberally. I am not the most flexible of people but I think even my yoga instructor would have struggled to get to the required position to spray while keeping the bottle upright. Changing grip a few times didn't help much either with half of the tester bottle ending up over my hands and not my .... unmentionables.

I've used this a couple of times for reasonable distance rides too and it's perfectly comparable with some of the more popular creams that I've used. Which sadly is the problem, it's not going to excel in a market where the leading products do just as well.

All that said, while the company is starting, they are offering free sample bottles online, so please take this chance to grab a bottle and try it out for yourself.

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